Ninja Warrior training – One Year Anniversary

So I recently celebrated my one-year anniversary of ninja warrior training in November 2017.  I’m so grateful that this 50-year old body has responded so well.  No major injuries, a huge increase in strength (especially grip strength & upper body), as well as steady improvements in technique on obstacles, agility, and even balance.  My balance has always been pretty good (26 years of yoga since 1991) but moving balance is much different than static yoga balance.  I competed in over a dozen ninja warrior competitions in 2017, winning 2nd place in one (@APEXMovementNorcal in Concord CA) and placing in the top 10 in many of the others (against much younger competition!).  I broke 40 seconds on the speed course in Loveland CO at the @WolfpackNinjaTour competition, which thru the first 2 days put me in 2nd place in the “Over 40” category (age categories are rare) behind only David Campbell (aka The Godfather).  I had to leave for my son’s birthday on Sunday so I missed the Finals competition; bummer, cause I know I could have shaved time off and done even better.

I’m so grateful to my 10-year old son Xander for inspiring me to watch the NBC show #AmericanNinjaWarrior (I quickly got hooked), to my wife @AlysiaHelming_Novelist (IG) for all of her support, to ninja coach Brian Kretsch, climbing coach Emily Taylor & FB, parkour / free-running coaches Ryan Kinney & Alan Connealy, and my wellness practitioners including naturopathic coach, chiropractor & massage therapist Tracey Stone, IMT therapist & ANW veteran Alan Connealy, shock wave therapist Brian Kretsch, acupuncturist Danielle Boucher, chiropractor Sam Rhame, my fellow ninja warriors who inspire me literally every day, and to my many friends, family and fans who have supported me on social media during my journey thus far.

A big THANK YOU  to all of you, and I look forward to sharing this journey with you for many more anniversary celebrations!!  Namaste.